2009-12 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2009-12-19
  • Guild number: 48
  • Map rotation: Isle of Jade, Uncharted Isle, Frozen Isle, Imperial Isle, and Isle of Weeping Stone.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Anonymous Amateurs AA Europe
2 Vent Rage vR America
3 Simply Overrated sigh Europe
4 Guild Zzz zzzz America
5 Galileo Mystery Team Europe
6 Hardcore Slayers HARD Europe
7 Old N Dirty ym Europe
8 Yltsohg Seoreh GoH Europe
9 Get Good GG America
10 Edible Granite Pencil yumy America
11 Young Money Merger YM America
12 A Little Less Conversation QQ Europe
13 Mens Sana In Corpore Sano mind Europe
14 Husaria Pol HSR Europe
15 Serious Gamers srs Europe
16 Pathetic Heroes pH Europe

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Serious Gamers srs Europe
2 Silver Old N Dirty ym Europe
3 Silver Yltsohg Seoreh GoH Europe
4 Silver Simply Overrated sigh Europe
5 Silver Guild Zzz zzzz America
6 Silver Galileo Mystery Team Europe
7 Silver Anonymous Amateurs AA Europe
8 Silver Hardcore Slayers HARD Europe
9 Silver Vent Rage vR America
10 Silver Edible Granite Pencil yumy America
11 Silver Husaria Pol HSR Europe
12 Silver Get Good GG America
13 Silver A Little Less Conversation QQ Europe
14 Silver Young Money Merger YM America
15 Silver Mens Sana In Corpore Sano mind Europe
16 Silver Pathetic Heroes pH Europe
17 Bronze International Project iP Europe
18 Bronze 月花 月花 Japan
19 Bronze No Cookies Left NOW Europe
20 Bronze Whats Going On sup Europe
21 Bronze Sierra Hotel Indiana Tango tHis America
22 Bronze Why So SRS Europe
23 Bronze Perma Sauna brb Europe
24 Bronze Serious Sin SiN Europe
25 Bronze Even Captain Of Titanic Said LaG Europe
26 Bronze Retirement Home Old America
27 Bronze The Bouncers BcS
28 Bronze Half Man Half Bear Half Pig MBP America
29 Bronze No Pain No Gain Europe
30 Bronze Il Unholy Warcry Il Cry Europe
31 Bronze Team Chaos Theory hent Europe
32 Bronze Headless Chickens HCs Europe
33 The Battle Bakery vPie America
34 Six Feet Under You SiFu Europe
35 Cookie Rehab Clinic LAME Europe
36 We Are Born In Ascalon Ascl Europe
37 Ich Wohn Ab Jetzt Hier IgeL Europe
38 Strng Guild Needs No name Europe
39 Server Wars SW Europe
40 Shaq In Wonderland Oh Baby Europe
41 The System Shockers SyS Europe
42 Baked Europeans Cake Europe
43 A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts NUTS America
44 Il Il Illl I I I Illl Ill Ill I puti Europe
45 Snowball Legends Return eF America
46 You Gotta Calm Down Umad America
47 Pshyco Ninjas oGod America
48 Communication Failure Vent Europe
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