2008-11 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2008-11-29
  • Guild number: 62
  • Map rotation: Isle of Weeping Stone, Isle of Wurms, Druid's Isle, Burning Isle, and Isle of Meditation.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Rebel Rising rawr America
2 Dangerous And Moving DM America
3 Dangerous Pumpkins dP Europe
4 Pandas For World Domination WWF Europe
5 On Ne Plaisant Pas Avec Patrons BOSS Europe
6 Stealing Society StS Europe
7 No Mercy For Ducks Lech Europe
8 Straight Outta Kamadan KMD Europe
9 Anonymous Amateurs AA Europe
10 Vent Rage vR America
11 The Evernight tE Europe
12 Recursive Force rF Europe
13 Virtual Escape vE Europe
14 Amazing Strength aS Europe
15 The Bouncers BcS
16 Whats Going On sup Europe

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Whats Going On sup Europe
2 Silver Dangerous And Moving DM America
3 Silver Vent Rage vR America
4 Silver Anonymous Amateurs AA Europe
5 Silver Dangerous Pumpkins dP Europe
6 Silver Virtual Escape vE Europe
7 Silver Stealing Society StS Europe
8 Silver On Ne Plaisant Pas Avec Patrons BOSS Europe
9 Silver Rebel Rising rawr America
10 Silver The Bouncers BcS
11 Silver Straight Outta Kamadan KMD Europe
12 Silver No Mercy For Ducks Lech Europe
13 Silver Pandas For World Domination WWF Europe
14 Silver The Evernight tE Europe
15 Silver Amazing Strength aS Europe
16 Silver Recursive Force rF Europe
17 Bronze I Disposable Heroes I DirT Europe
18 Bronze More Finns More Wins Europe
19 Bronze Serious Sin SiN Europe
20 Bronze American Apparel aa America
21 Bronze Exercitus Noctis Nox Europe
22 Bronze Third Time Lucky Sigh Europe
23 Bronze Battery Powered Best Friends Vibe America
24 Bronze Avec Malus Et Nonchalance AmeN Europe
25 Bronze Crazy Animals Hit Squad ZoO Europe
26 Bronze Team Paradigm pd America
27 Bronze Blame Your Enemies cO Europe
28 Bronze Everlasting Inability braQ Europe
29 Bronze Coloring Book mad America
30 Bronze Dosen Verwertungs Anstalt DVA Europe
31 Bronze Baaaaalls Of Steel BoS Europe
32 Bronze Epic Mutated Demonic Angel Hawk Ah Europe
33 Ancient Enclave aE Europe
34 Bald Machine AnGL Europe
35 Unstopable Raging Playaz uRp Europe
36 Team Wesh Wesh Europe
37 Ominous Octopus Oo Europe
38 Antique Massage Technique BoX Europe
39 Strike As One Team Europe
40 Endangered Feces DoDo Europe
41 Steel Phoenix StP Europe
42 月花 月花 Japan
43 Gwen Est Une Raclure Communiste CccP Europe
44 Please Dont Cry Europe
45 The Inactive Alley rD America
46 A Driving Force EX America
47 Douane Nationale Francaise DnF Europe
48 Team Chaos Theory hent Europe
49 Fish Sphere pH America
50 She Left With Half My GeAr America
51 Intense Dragon King Knight Lord DKKL America
52 B N B Beinarbeit BnB Europe
53 Doms Soldiers Dom America
54 Commence Aggro BaMf America
55 We Sell For Less WM America
56 Excelling Technology DiST Europe
57 Chaar Sekrit Weppin Nuux Europe
58 We Punch Sharks In Frenzy xTrm America
59 Worst Prepared Team In Guild Wars America
60 Gone In Sixty Seconds Wipe America
61 Build Wars gg Europe
62 Sup B R A Its David The Hammer BRA America
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