2008-1 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2008-01-26
  • Guild number: 84
  • Map rotation: Frozen Isle, Isle of Solitude, Isle of Meditation, Druid's Isle, Isle of Wurms, and Nomad's Isle.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Whats Going On sup Europe
2 C A S T R A T I O N SoaP Europe
3 You Failed uF Europe
4 Ghostly Heroes GoH Europe
5 Dark Alley dR America
6 Close Encounter cE Europe
7 Mistral Edge Me Japan
8 Stealing Society StS Europe
9 Best Before apr Europe
10 Absence Of Brain tard Europe
11 Laxigen Addicts LaX Europe
12 I Eternum Pariah I EP Europe
13 Professional Athletes HGH America
14 Theres A New Sheriff In Town Europe
15 Cursed In Any Language CiaL Europe
16 Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Mistral Edge Me Japan
2 Silver Close Encounter cE Europe
3 Silver You Failed uF Europe
4 Silver Professional Athletes HGH America
5 Silver I Eternum Pariah I EP Europe
6 Silver Best Before apr Europe
7 Silver Whats Going On sup Europe
8 Silver Cursed In Any Language CiaL Europe
9 Silver Absence Of Brain tard Europe
10 Silver Laxigen Addicts LaX Europe
11 Silver Theres A New Sheriff In Town Europe
12 Silver Ghostly Heroes GoH Europe
13 Silver Stealing Society StS Europe
14 Silver Dark Alley dR America
15 Silver Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
16 Silver C A S T R A T I O N SoaP Europe
17 Bronze Delta Formation DF America
18 Bronze Shadow Step To HoH Europe
19 Bronze Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx RIP America
20 Bronze Good Artist ei America
21 Bronze Rebel Rising rawr America
22 Bronze Revive Teammates rezz Europe
23 Bronze Not Dead Yet Europe
24 Bronze Pff We Are In 之四四 Japan
25 Bronze Clan Union Uni America
26 Bronze Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis BdV Europe
27 Bronze I Disposable Heroes I DirT Europe
28 Bronze What Is This evt Europe
29 Bronze Team Chaos Theory hent Europe
30 Bronze Dosen Verwertungs Anstalt DVA Europe
31 Bronze I Think You Can rsgn Europe
32 Bronze Il Green Monkeys Il uHuH Europe
33 Not Another Reform NRF America
34 Storm Hogs Sink Europe
35 Heart Of Ashes And Dust HAnD Japan
36 Ne Ve R Mi Nd nvm Europe
37 Someone Set Up Us The Bomb Europe
38 The Tragic Magic Dark Europe
39 Rank Three Plus Pug Deer America
40 Jelly Toasts jT America
41 Straight Forward SF Europe
42 Anonymous Amateurs AA Europe
43 Fette Wamos Braucht Das Land Europe
44 War Of All Stars WOaS Europe
45 The Benecia Renovatio I N T RenO Europe
46 Y O U FaiL Europe
47 Legend Will Never Die TTF Europe
48 We Are From Poland Pol America
49 Forgotten Myth MYTH Europe
50 Fortis Primani ROME America
51 Flying V Formation HiDE America
52 Red Basilica isis Korea
53 New Russian Order RUS Europe
54 Die Keller Kinder KK Europe
55 Oo The Who Oo TWH Europe
56 Paradox Theory xT America
57 Ohne Kaffee Ist Tote HoSe Europe
58 Marvel Superhoes Prav America
59 You Die On Friday イろth Japan
60 Bad Positioning Rage America
61 Eternal Vigor vVv America
62 Captain Tickles Pirate Palooza Arrr America
63 Rome Reloaded Rome Europe
64 Malice Moguls Bank America
65 Untimely Demise Err了 Taiwan
66 Angolanische Ziegenmafia MaeH Europe
67 Pimpin Krickitz pk America
68 The Popular Roebuck PoRo Europe
69 Suk It Trebek For Union STFU America
70 Epic Quarrel epiQ Europe
71 Nihil Morte Certium ReiZ Europe
72 We Is Paladinz Pala Europe
73 Buffed Fighters nerf Europe
74 No Hoper wusa Europe
75 Guild Drama Sigh America
76 I Cute Kittens I Meow Europe
77 I Les Bras Casses I KC Europe
78 The Knights Templar KT America
79 Les Fils De Babylone fB Europe
80 Volksfront Von Sauberg VvS Europe
81 The Askalon Kingdom TAK Europe
82 We Love Frenzy At vOD Europe
83 Planet Unicorn Heyy America
84 Stylish Crew Sc Korea
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