2014-5 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2014-05-17
  • Guild number: 18
  • Map rotation: Druid's Isle, , Corrupted Isle, , and .

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Kaputtmacher Der Feinde kput Europe
2 Silver 出empire USA Taiwan
3 Silver The Bang Gang GfG America
4 Silver No Mercy For The Noobs LiES America
5 Silver Good Better B Est Europe
6 Silver We Are The One And Only rR Europe
7 Silver Minions Of The Rabbit Legion pupu Unknown
8 Silver Praeterea Anima Est Immortalis GoD Unknown
9 Silver Perscienter Ligula Sonatibus pls Unknown
10 Silver The Monstars Mean Team Mean Europe
11 Silver Rainbow Unicorns In Pink Unknown
12 Silver The Noname Squad sqd Europe
13 Silver Pixel Squad アェメ Japan
14 Silver Dungerous Controls dC Unknown
15 Silver Read Books Ride The World Book Unknown
16 Silver Share The Hate LaG Unknown
17 Bronze Pooptrim Material pm Unknown
18 Bronze Silver Avatars AVA Europe
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