2008-2 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2008-02-23
  • Guild number: 68
  • Map rotation: Isle of Solitude, Isle of Wurms, Druid's Isle, Corrupted Isle, Isle of the Dead, and Uncharted Isle.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 You Failed uF Europe
2 Dark Alley dR America
3 Whats Going On sup Europe
4 Theres A New Sheriff In Town Europe
5 Laxigen Addicts LaX Europe
6 Stealing Society StS Europe
7 Professional Athletes HGH America
8 Best Before apr Europe
9 Clan Union Uni America
10 No Gutz No Glory noGG Europe
11 Not Another Reform NRF America
12 Good Artist ei America
13 Kirby In Dreamland LanD Europe
14 Rebel Rising rawr America
15 Shameful Idiots si America
16 Close Encounter cE Europe

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Clan Union Uni America
2 Silver Good Artist ei America
3 Silver Dark Alley dR America
4 Silver You Failed uF Europe
5 Silver Stealing Society StS Europe
6 Silver Professional Athletes HGH America
7 Silver Whats Going On sup Europe
8 Silver Theres A New Sheriff In Town Europe
9 Silver Best Before apr Europe
10 Silver Laxigen Addicts LaX Europe
11 Silver Close Encounter cE Europe
12 Silver Shameful Idiots si America
13 Silver Rebel Rising rawr America
14 Silver Not Another Reform NRF America
15 Silver No Gutz No Glory noGG Europe
16 Silver Kirby In Dreamland LanD Europe
17 Bronze Lethal Dosis Id Europe
18 Bronze Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
19 Bronze Forgotten Myth MYTH Europe
20 Bronze Pff We Are In 之四四 Japan
21 Bronze The C E N S O R E D SoaP Europe
22 Bronze Revive Teammates rezz Europe
23 Bronze Mistral Edge Me Japan
24 Bronze Ghostly Heroes GoH Europe
25 Bronze Hawk Smash ZFQ America
26 Bronze The Tragic Magic Dark Europe
27 Bronze Ugly Ducklings ugly America
28 Bronze Epic Quarrel epiQ Europe
29 Bronze Angolanische Ziegenmafia MaeH Europe
30 Bronze Chaos Equilibrium eQ Europe
31 Bronze Improve Your Skillz iZ Europe
32 Bronze Amazing Strength aS Europe
33 Jelly Toasts jT America
34 Terror Of The Justice Salmon FisH Europe
35 The Jagerbombs JaGr America
36 Heart Of Ashes And Dust HAnD Japan
37 We Want Cookies NOW Europe
38 Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis BdV Europe
39 Witness Of Destiny FatE Europe
40 Unknown Playaz uP Europe
41 Team Chaos Theory hent Europe
42 I Victory Or Death I VoD America
43 Sinking Ship bLub Europe
44 Fortis Primani ROME America
45 I Disposable Heroes I DirT Europe
46 What Is This evt Europe
47 International District id多 Taiwan
48 神選的 魔鬼 Japan
49 Unreal Thoughts mind Europe
50 Disciple Of Wesh Wesh Europe
51 I Falchi Bianchi Puck Europe
52 We Are From Poland Pol America
53 Sharks And Penguins SnP America
54 Legend Will Never Die TTF Europe
55 Lets Make Love Not WAR Europe
56 Fette Wamos Braucht Das Land Europe
57 We Love Frenzy At vOD Europe
58 Big Bomb bOmb Europe
59 Beyond The Heaven Sky Europe
60 Untimely Demise Err了 Taiwan
61 Dont Mess With The Don mkay Europe
62 Dosen Verwertungs Anstalt DVA Europe
63 Guild Drama Sigh America
64 Look Please Trash Me Europe
65 Everytime An Iway Forms Babies Die America
66 We Love Pve PvP Europe
67 Il Green Monkeys Il uHuH Europe
68 I Les Bras Casses I KC Europe
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