2007-9 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2007-09-29
  • Guild number: 71
  • Map rotation: Isle of Jade, Imperial Isle, Nomad's Isle, Druid's Isle, Isle of the Dead, and Frozen Isle.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Vroom Rulez vZ Europe
2 Rebel Rising rawr America
3 Be Team be Europe
4 Virtual Dragons vD Europe
5 Delta Formation DF America
6 한시간 추가요 초딩 Korea
7 Merchants Of Justice MoJ America
8 한 얼 one Korea
9 Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
10 Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis BdV Europe
11 Clan Detained dT Europe
12 Peace And Harmony PnH Europe
13 Bezmyslne Dogadzanie Sobie MSI Europe
14 Battle Gods BG Europe
15 Clan Union Uni America
16 Slash Rank DeeR America

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Rebel Rising rawr America
2 Silver Vroom Rulez vZ Europe
3 Silver 한시간 추가요 초딩 Korea
4 Silver Delta Formation DF America
5 Silver Virtual Dragons vD Europe
6 Silver Battle Gods BG Europe
7 Silver Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
8 Silver Merchants Of Justice MoJ America
9 Silver Clan Union Uni America
10 Silver Slash Rank DeeR America
11 Silver Peace And Harmony PnH Europe
12 Silver Clan Detained dT Europe
13 Silver Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis BdV Europe
14 Silver Be Team be Europe
15 Silver Bezmyslne Dogadzanie Sobie MSI Europe
16 Silver 한 얼 one Korea
17 Bronze Sylvan Avengers SA Europe
18 Bronze No Observable Talent NoT America
19 Bronze This Is Rotting meh Europe
20 Bronze Parce Que Nous Avalons Bien OraL Europe
21 Bronze Heart Of Ashes And Dust HAnD Japan
22 Bronze I Vincere Aut Mori I vaM Europe
23 Bronze Ascended Minority aM Europe
24 Bronze Notpron For Love NoLo Europe
25 Bronze Crimson Reconcilement CR America
26 Bronze Revive Teammates rezz Europe
27 Bronze Big Bomb bOmb Europe
28 Bronze Error Seven Operators Call America
29 Bronze Honor And Strength HnS Europe
30 Bronze Team Of Renegades REN Europe
31 Bronze Absence Of Brain tard Europe
32 Bronze Peanut Butter Toasts pT America
33 Black Spectrum BSP Europe
34 Ink Allstars InK Europe
35 Frozen Agony frag Europe
36 Prizewinning Hogs oiNk Europe
37 Red Basilica isis Korea
38 Laxigen Addicts LaX Europe
39 Fall Back OTL Europe
40 The Last Requiem RiP Europe
41 You Are All Alone loRn Europe
42 Team Halo halo Europe
43 Vile And Obscene vile Europe
44 Penguin Terrorism Tux Europe
45 Kirby In Dreamland LanD Europe
46 At The Top Apex America
47 I World Elite I WE America
48 Kefi Pallhkari PAL Japan
49 Good Players Say Tombs gpsT America
50 I The Academy I iAi America
51 Pro Guild Master Obi Europe
52 Wtb A Real Life Europe
53 Guardians Of Yatagua GoYa Europe
54 Build Wars gg Europe
55 Noobz Runnerz 足足足 Taiwan
56 Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx RIP America
57 Kisss My Axe Europe
58 Servants of Fortuna Victrix SoF America
59 Tin On A Encore Fai Nimp Resign FAST Europe
60 The Best Guild In The Game Best America
61 In Nomine Satanae pwnd Europe
62 Exercitus Noctis Nox Europe
63 Catapult Suicide Cult Boom Europe
64 Pigs Might Fly PmF Europe
65 Sicilian Swashbucklers savy America
66 We Count Corpses wcc America
67 Twenty Four Inches Of Pain Pain Europe
68 On Aime Mhenlo Et GweN Europe
69 No Man Army NMA Europe
70 Regnum Francorum REX Europe
71 Ort Der Entspannung OdEn Japan
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