2007-12 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2007-12-15
  • Guild number: 66
  • Map rotation: Frozen Isle, Isle of Solitude, Isle of Meditation, Druid's Isle, Isle of Wurms, and Nomad's Isle.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Delta Formation DF America
2 Whats Going On sup Europe
3 Artificial Talent Art Europe
4 You Failed uF Europe
5 Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
6 Rebel Rising rawr America
7 Absence Of Brain tard Europe
8 Innocent Victims InVi Europe
9 Malice Moguls Bank America
10 Die Keller Kinder KK Europe
11 Y O U FaiL Europe
12 Vroom Rulez vZ Europe
13 Paradox Theory xT America
14 Ink Allstars InK Europe
15 Mistral Edge Me Japan
16 Storm Hogs Sink Europe

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Rebel Rising rawr America
2 Silver Storm Hogs Sink Europe
3 Silver You Failed uF Europe
4 Silver Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
5 Silver Innocent Victims InVi Europe
6 Silver Ink Allstars InK Europe
7 Silver Absence Of Brain tard Europe
8 Silver Whats Going On sup Europe
9 Silver Y O U FaiL Europe
10 Silver Delta Formation DF America
11 Silver Vroom Rulez vZ Europe
12 Silver Paradox Theory xT America
13 Silver Mistral Edge Me Japan
14 Silver Artificial Talent Art Europe
15 Silver Die Keller Kinder KK Europe
16 Silver Malice Moguls Bank America
17 Bronze Know How To Fail roar Europe
18 Bronze Not Dead Yet Europe
19 Bronze Heart Of Ashes And Dust HAnD Japan
20 Bronze Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis BdV Europe
21 Bronze Smart People sM Europe
22 Bronze I Tele Baal ASAP Japan
23 Bronze Clan Union Uni America
24 Bronze We Are From Poland Pol America
25 Bronze Planet Unicorn Heyy America
26 Bronze The Catharsis Pure Europe
27 Bronze Serious Guild srs America
28 Bronze Executable Programs exe Europe
29 Bronze Team Of Renegades REN Europe
30 Bronze Jelly Toasts jT America
31 Bronze Epic Quarrel epiQ Europe
32 Bronze Intolerable Treason iT Europe
33 Dark Jokers Company JoKe Europe
34 I Think You Can rsgn Europe
35 The Lords Of The String DTC Europe
36 Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx RIP America
37 Straight Forward SF Europe
38 Guild Drama Sigh America
39 We Love Frenzy At vOD Europe
40 Love Me Please Luvs Europe
41 Penguin Terrorism Tux Europe
42 Dosen Verwertungs Anstalt DVA Europe
43 Ganked By The Ginger Kid Club America
44 I Les Bras Casses I KC Europe
45 Dead Baby joke America
46 Virtual Dragons vD Europe
47 Hypocrisy Is Law Europe
48 Fette Wamos Braucht Das Land Europe
49 Pimpin Krickitz pk America
50 The Knights Templar KT America
51 Moin Ihr Spaten 人人 Japan
52 Steel Phoenix StP Europe
53 Team Halo halo Europe
54 Lost In The Labyrinth LITL Europe
55 Killing Is As Easy As Breathing JOHN America
56 Captain Tickles Pirate Palooza Arrr America
57 A Z T E C A Az America
58 T H E Gravediggers GD America
59 Ne Ve R Mi Nd nvm Europe
60 Big Bomb bOmb Europe
61 Your Mom Is My Epic Mount EPIC America
62 Blood And Chains Goth America
63 Red Basilica isis Korea
64 I Disposable Heroes I DirT Europe
65 Dark Alley dR America
66 We Is Paladinz Pala Europe
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