2007-11 Tournament Series Championship GvG Results

  • 2007-11-24
  • Guild number: 72
  • Map rotation: Frozen Isle, Imperial Isle, Nomad's Isle, Isle of Wurms, Isle of Weeping Stone, and Druid's Isle.

Swiss rounds results

Position Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Vroom Rulez vZ Europe
2 Dark Alley dR America
3 Esoteric Warriors EW Europe
4 Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
5 You Failed uF Europe
6 Heart Of Ashes And Dust HAnD Japan
7 Rebel Rising rawr America
8 Know How To Fail roar Europe
9 World Of Charrcraft GWII Europe
10 Mistral Edge Me Japan
11 Killing Is As Easy As Breathing JOHN America
12 Revive Teammates rezz Europe
13 Absence Of Brain tard Europe
14 The Catharsis Pure Europe
15 Penguin Terrorism Tux Europe
16 Planet Unicorn Heyy America

Final standings

Position Trim Guild name Guild tag Region
1 Gold Heart Of Ashes And Dust HAnD Japan
2 Silver Mistral Edge Me Japan
3 Silver Supernova Jpn SpNv Japan
4 Silver The Catharsis Pure Europe
5 Silver Know How To Fail roar Europe
6 Silver Revive Teammates rezz Europe
7 Silver Planet Unicorn Heyy America
8 Silver Penguin Terrorism Tux Europe
9 Silver Killing Is As Easy As Breathing JOHN America
10 Silver Rebel Rising rawr America
11 Silver Esoteric Warriors EW Europe
12 Silver Absence Of Brain tard Europe
13 Silver Vroom Rulez vZ Europe
14 Silver Dark Alley dR America
15 Silver World Of Charrcraft GWII Europe
16 Silver You Failed uF Europe
17 Bronze Steel Phoenix StP Europe
18 Bronze Be Team be Europe
19 Bronze The Lords Of The String DTC Europe
20 Bronze Ink Allstars InK Europe
21 Bronze Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx RIP America
22 Bronze Virtual Dragons vD Europe
23 Bronze Kirby In Dreamland LanD Europe
24 Bronze Clan Union Uni America
25 Bronze O K A Y ok Korea
26 Bronze No Gutz No Glory noGG Europe
27 Bronze Exsodus X ExSo Japan
28 Bronze Fashion Police chic America
29 Bronze Unfortunatly We Won xxxx Europe
30 Bronze Diabolici Adoratori Di Grenth DAdG Europe
31 Bronze Storm Hogs Sink Europe
32 Bronze Epic Quarrel epiQ Europe
33 We Are From Poland Pol America
34 Fin Gladiators FG Europe
35 Slash Rank DeeR America
36 Team Authority coL Europe
37 한 얼 one Korea
38 Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis BdV Europe
39 Hunters Of Wonderful Bustards HwB Europe
40 Our Ghostly Is A Roxxor SuX Europe
41 Moje Chore Ego eGo Europe
42 Team Halo halo Europe
43 Mojo Kazna Crew MOJO Europe
44 Quoted Nonsense Qn Europe
45 Team Of Renegades REN Europe
46 Artificial Talent Art Europe
47 Moin Ihr Spaten 人人 Japan
48 Ganked By The Ginger Kid Club America
49 Pff We Are In 之四四 Japan
50 Yunaited Spirits yuNa Europe
51 Zero Quality zQ America
52 Whats Going On sup Europe
53 Untimely Demise Err了 Taiwan
54 Team Chaos Theory hent Europe
55 Red Basilica isis Korea
56 Stylish Crew Sc Korea
57 We Wanna Marry Vekk Europe
58 We Is Paladinz Pala Europe
59 Finnish Alliance Of Reformers FAR Europe
60 Mursu On Cool Elukka khyl Europe
61 Speed Valour SV America
62 Desperate Guildwives EvA Europe
63 Slow Cerebrum Sc Europe
64 Daddy Would Like Some Sausage yum Europe
65 Buffed Fighters nerf Europe
66 Love Me Please Luvs Europe
67 Clan Fusion cF Europe
68 Old Sql Legends Lgnd Europe
69 T H E Gravediggers GD America
70 Ultimate Rage Quiters QuIT Europe
71 Nihil Morte Certium ReiZ Europe
72 Black Crescent BC America
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